Mother/Woman (The Uncanny)

The Uncanny is simultaneously inviting and repulsive. It engages the viewer with the familiar and known, whilst repelling the viewer with a subtle reconfiguration of this reality. Conceptually, this is potent. The viewer cannot disconnect from the piece, and feels an inescapable sense of discomfort and unease. ‘Mother/Woman’ is a photographic sequence with a thematic congruency. It constructs The Uncanny by presenting what is familiar (a Woman, a toy, motherhood, a domestic setting) and layering this with a conceptual exploration of loneliness, change, trauma, confusion and brokenness. My project draws from the work of Tracey Moffat, particularly, the ‘Scarred for life’ series and it’s use of captions to promote storytelling. Additionally, the work of Jeff Wall was referenced through the reconstruction of scenes from real life. Photographic techniques such as use of artificial light and shutter speed/aperture manipulation were employed to allow the photographs to move beyond the representative and become temporal. Freud’s inquiry into The Uncanny is referenced in my focus on the face and eyes as well as semi-personified animate objects. This further assists the work in it’s attempt to conceptually investigate The Uncanny.



The room-6



The room-3

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